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Updated: Jul 27

Party Packages Starting at $20 per person.

Congrats on your engagement!!! Are you feeling like Beyonce right now? Cant wait to Celebrate with your baes?

Are you looking for a fun nonconventional way to celebrate your engagement? Worried COVID has cancelled your plans?

At Denise Dance & Wellness we offer custom bachelorette dance parties for you and your baes. Beyonce theme, burlesque, sexy stiletto, chair dance and more. It's fun, sexy, and a perfect way to kick off your celebration.

Explore your inner goddess in one hour and enhance who you are forever. Party includes:

  • A sensual stretch

  • A personalized sensual routine

  • Bedroom positions that will make you a bombshell

  • Learn how to increase your body positivity to bring our your inner goddess

Submit your info and we’ll email you a link to our party packages and pricing.

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