Frequently asked questions

What to wear to workshop/class

Attrie is all in how you feel beauti. I recommend workout attire, blaq apparel, or a leotard with shorts. Heels recommended. Sneakers allowed. There are changing rooms available.

How much are classes/workshops?

Workshops: Individual $20 Bring a Bestie $30 Privates: Individual $35 Couple $50 Parties: Pricing varies on group size. See brochure.

Where Are You Located?

Denise Dance uses multiple studio locations. Denise Dance travels throughout the US. Main locations St.Louis, MO, Chicago, IL, and Atlanta, GA.

How to vendor The Blaq Method

Fill out a questionnaire under the Adult Classes page. We will contact you about the upcoming slots available. Vending fee is $20. Business must be in line with the cause of The Blaq Method. Business must empower, enhance sex appeal and confidence.

How to become a brand ambassador?

Fill out the ambassador questionnaire on the ambassador page. As long as you have a love and willingness to dance we want you. We will get back to you.