A Blaq Method Mini Course
Reclaiming your body and confidence through feminine energy and dance

Are you someone who struggles with knowing what you need to do for change, but you are afraid or just struggle with consistency? First of all, there is nothing to be ashamed of. Actually, most people struggle with confidence to some extent and I used to be one of them. Hell lets be honest, I still can be from time to time. The good news is that being confident is just another skill you can learn. 


UnBODthered is a mini course designed for anyone struggling with their body and/or confidence. The point of this course is to fall in love with yourself and find beauti in all aspects of you. There are periods in our lives where we live for others and forget who we are. There are moments in our lives where we have to deprogram ourselves from our trained beliefs and society. As a result, we find our identity, create boundaries, and fall in love with all aspects of ourselves.  

In this course I will share with you the strategies for becoming more confident that have worked for me. The great thing about this course is that most of the strategies I discuss can be implemented straight away. You will see some results, there is no doubt about. So go ahead, check out the curriculum and if you like what you see, sign up right away. 


  • An Open Mind

  • Willingness to Implement the Strategies Outlined in the Course

  • Honesty with self

In this course you will learn:

  • Understanding Feminine Energy

  • Increase Your Level of Confidence, Self Esteem, Authenticity

  • Destroy The Fear of Rejection & Negative Self Talk

  • Develop a Powerful and Confident Body Language

  • Movement exercises to increase body confidence and sensuality


What clients say about this course?

" I enjoyed the challenges. I liked that I could complete everything in my own time".- Marcee P.


"Denise is very down to earth. Her perspective is very enlightening. It helped me with my confidence for sure. The "be real with yourself" was no joke. - Ashley R.


"Some of this information I already new about but never applied or tried it. I really enjoyed the journal prompting. I realized somethings from my upbringing that have affected my body that was never put into perspective" - Mei Ling


"I feel sexy AF. I can do or be anything I want. I cant wait to practice this more. Its definitely something to refer back to when Im feeling off about myself"- Tiffani G.

unbodthered course .PNG