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Denise Dance is a whole vibe. Denise Blaq's favorite saying is "when in doubt twerk it out". Come to class! Release that stress and shake that a**! She is always wanting her beauties feeling confident, strong, empowered and sexy as hell. The song of the month that's keeping our dance baes shaking it and worry free is.....

Track of The Month


The Blaq Method is a dance class and traveling workshop for people from all dancing levels and genders specifically designed to build confidence, gain physical strength and develop dance skills. Exude your personality through movement. Learn how to be sexy, empowered and an overall bad a**. 

Instructors are personable and approachable, as well as highly trained. Our instructors break down the choreography, and are taught specialized cueing techniques to help you achieve muscle memory and confidence with the movement!

Most people use “Beauti” to refer to ladies, but fierce fellas can work the dance floor too. Dancers of all ages and experience levels – men and women – are welcome. We’re totally gender inclusive, and we build community for ALL dancers of all shapes, sizes, and colors!

Make us apart of your self care routine. Put away your phone and let your hair down for an hour of stress-free time just for you! Dance classes for adults are proven to have long-lasting physical and mental health benefits - from burning calories, working that mental muscle, and finding community to help you feel connected! Subscribe now and start your journey.


Sell your services. Participate in the fun.

Do you have a business that needs to be noticed? Do you have services that compliment The Blaq Method mission? Well if so then we want you here Beauti! Vendor pricing includes ticket to participate in event. Vendor fee is $20. Get to speak to all attending beauties about your product and services.  Click here to sign up.

The Blaq Method - St. Louis
Multiple Dates
Jun 11, 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Central Studio,
5617 Pershing Ave, St. Louis, MO 63112, USA


Private Events. Make Your VIP List.

The most excitement possible in one night. Friends that slay together, stay together. Plan an adult dance class for the ultimate bash. Whether celebrating a birthday, anniversaryengagement or divorce we have you covered regardless of the occasion

Here’s How It Works.

Pick a date. Set the number of attendees. Choose a song. From Rihanna to Meg The Stallion to Sia. We bring all the best sexy moves. Twerk it out with us and use those Megan knees. We Dance Anywhere.

Denise Dance offers pop-up studio locations in a city near you. Even if we aren’t in your city yet, we can still bring our mobile studio directly to your location. We always have the latest ideas for adults bashes so your party will be one to remember. Check out our brochure here.

Book a bash for yourself or plan one for your bestie. Get together with your whole squad.

Our party and group offerings are great for all levels of dance experience. We encourage individuality. Learn how to be a sexy bad ass. Learn how to entice at any body size.  Click here to reserve your bash.


The Bootcamp That Will Make You A Bad Ass

Our Blaq Body Bootcamp designed to make you a confident sexy strong bad a**. Train like a professional dancer. We focus areas of physical strength, sensuality and increasing confidence. Whether you want to practice self-care or surprise your partner, we have what you need. Blaq Body Bootcamp can be completed from any mobile device anywhere. Click here to purchase your Blaq Body Bootcamp. The Bootcamp is not your traditional bootcamp. We focus on mental health and physical strength. The bootcamp includes:

* Affirmations 

* The Blaq Method Mantra

* Confidence Guide

* Sensuality Guide

*Dance Warm Ups & Workouts

*Dance Choreography Routines


Our lap dance workshops explore sensual communication. Learn how to speak your desires through movement.  Each workshop is a hour and a half long. Individual or couples can attend. Workshop begins with a sensual warm up.  Learn top five sensual moves followed by a one minute routine. Complimentary beverage  and alter ego mask included. Take pics at our Photo booth to remember your evening.